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"Blonde-Haired Mary” words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) I never met a Blonde-haired Mary, till I met you. I never met no Blonde-haired Mary, till I met you. CHORUS SHAKING YOUR GROOVE THING MAKING MY HEART SING I never did a tantra twister, till I met you. I never did no tantra twister, till I met you. CHORUS BRIDGE Make a lot of love. Move a lot of love. VERSE SOLO REPEAT VERSE 1 REPEAT CHORUS (3x)
"Johnny and Paul" words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) Thomas Dang came from Vietnam. Brought his family to the Texas sun. He ran a grocery and business was fair. His son Johnny opened a jewelry repair. One day an enterprising dude walked in. He flashed Johnny his diamond grin. His name was Paul from the Swisher house. He rapped and rhymed in the Dirty South. CHORUS JOHNNY EMIGRATED FROM KÊ MÔN A SMALL VILLAGE IN VIETNAM PAUL WAS RAISED IN HOUSTON, NORTHWEST SIDE HE TIPPED AND TOILED FOR A BETTER RIDE... BRIDGE “And he shouted out:” “Flash your grill, baby...” “The life I live, baby...” You gotta hustle till the day is done. It takes work to be a number one. There’s still room in the USA To grab a dream and not fade away. CHORUS 2x BRIDGE OUTRO
"Sunday Morning" words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) Here we are again at the edge of our new beginning. Mistakes are in the past. We were young and sure of winning. Pour your color over me and I’ll gladly bathe in your light. I won’t brush you off this time and I’ll try to do you right. CHORUS I HOLD YOU CLOSE. YOU WHISPER IN MY EAR: “I’M EASY AS SUNDAY MORNING.” WE DANCE ALONE JUST LIKE IT’S YESTERDAY. THE LIGHTS IN HERE ARE GLOWING. Here I am again writing words to try and clear my heart, head. Should I dwell upon the night you found me with another in my bed. I pour over the details of our crazy, sweet old times. And now I’m back again here in Manhattan by your side. CHORUS BRIDGE Here we are again at the edge of our new beginning. Time has passed on by. You’re still so fine, my head is spinning. I’d love to come and stay uptown and be with you all night. But it’s just Thursday night, and honestly it don’t feel right. CHORUS OUTRO
In Flux 02:27
"In Flux" words by Tomas Glass • music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) I flux (my) ideals. Oh yeah, I can feel, The same way as you did back then. I’ve tried so hard to tear this world apart Now I’m scarred by the deal. CHORUS AS I LOOK BACK IN MY MIND I STUMBLE WHEN I FIND THE WOMAN’S FACE I TRIED TO CONCEAL. WITH A BOTTLE AND A KNIFE I WRECKED MY LOVE, MY LIFE HURT SO BAD THAT I TRIED NOT TO FEEL. You broke my heart and tore it all apart. Now I’m out here all alone. I changed my mind so many times – The thought of you cuts me to the bone. CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL SOLO In flux (my) ideals. (I’m) not gonna feel, The same way as I did back then. The rain whistles by. I hang my head and cry, And tell myself to keep moving on. CHORUS OUTRO
"Hangover Train" words by Tomas Glass • music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) Love is a hangover train from Denver Casting off vein-strained eyes. Broken hearts with tangled tracks, The day I said goodbye. Pulling the thread through the needle, My hands feel the smack. Cracking this ruler – catching cool winds… For me there’s no going back. CHORUS ‘CAUSE HONEY I SAID YOU WERE THE ONE TO BLAME FOR ALL OF THE WRONGS THAT I’VE DONE BUT I’VE STILL GOT MY EVIL WAYS EVIL WAYS, BUT I’TS ME THAT HAS TO PAY AND PAY So I set off for the mile-high city With only eight dollars and my clothes in a paper sack. But there won’t be no light on there to greet me, Just the bars down on old Colfax. The leaves of the trees are falling. What the hell am I to do, While this train is slowly rolling Past the girl that I knew? CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL SOLO Now, I’m walking these city streets Looking for a home. And I know she’s just an illusion So I got to go alone. CHORUS REPEAT FIRST VERSE
"Church of the Frozen Ghost” words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) I’m up against a wall, And I ain’t feeling too tall. I’ve tried to make the most Of searching high and searching low. My girl is watching over me. I’m like a cat stuck up in a tree Clawing at the heavenly host. Scratching on the door, door of a… CHORUS CHURCH, CHURCH OF THE FROZEN CHURCH OF THE FROZEN GHOST I’m walking over the line Brewing up some high-class moonshine. I’d like to make a toast To all my friends who used to be foes. We tip our hat to the man And raise our lighters high as we can. We’re not the kind to boast ‘bout breaking into a church, a church of the frozen… CHORUS BRIDGE We light up some candles and check out the space. There looking down is the dirty virgin’s face. REPEAT FOURTH VERSE CHORUS OUTRO
"Sweet But Sour" words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) I'm picking up the roses on the stair. It's just a passing phase, I suppose. How... Can... She... Dare... Walk out when I have something to say? I thought we'd just float off and go somewhere. "You're just an endless maze," was all she wrote. Why... Should... I... Care... That we were practically night and day? CHORUS WHY'S IT SUCH A DRAG THIS LETTING GO OF EVERY DRIED-UP FLOWER? WHY'S IT SUCH A DRAG THIS LETTING GO OF SOMETHING SWEET BUT SOUR? I fell in love with scented underwear. "This'll make you hard for days," and then she shoved me down. How... Could... I... Dare... Walk out when she was ready to play? CHORUS 2x
Bayou Bridge 02:09
"Bayou Bridge" words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) Won’t you help me Find my way now To the old bridge At the bayou? Won’t you help me Find my way now To the bridge where It was so new? Won’t you help me Find my way now To the old bridge At the bayou? INSTRUMENTAL BRIDGE Won’t you help me Find my way now To the old bridge At the bayou? Won’t you help me Find my way now To the bridge where Dreams could come true? Won’t you help me Find my way now To the old bridge At the bayou? REPEAT BRIDGE
"Find Your Way Home" words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) There's a face inside your eyes, And the west wind breaks down across it. There's a space between the lines, And the late sun breaks down upon it. CHORUS YOU CAN FIND YOUR WAY BACK HOME. Lay down on your bed of nails. There's some cold gin waiting there for you. Let your head forget what ails you. There's a warm gun waiting before you. CHORUS BRIDGE It don't matter, baby, what you've done. Anyway, no one would believe, How many pearls you dropped down in the mud. How many you threw back to the sea.... All your family waits for you, And there's a great feast that lights up the night sky. CHORUS OUTRO
"Headphone Kids” words and music by Chris Knudson music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) • All rights reserved. • Contact: INTRO VERSE Sitting alone, I just make myself at home In my little place of worship, where I breathe (and everything). I got all my music. I can listen to history… CHORUS AT MY FINGERTIPS I START TO TRIP I GOT TO FEEL THE REEL-TO-REEL TAKE ME BACK TO A SUMMER OF LOVE I NEVER HAD I LISTEN FROM THE TOP DOWN TO THE END I’M A HEADPHONE KID ALL OVER AGAIN VERSE It may not be much but my garage apartment Is a castle fit for a king… …of the spirit. Make yourself at home Pull up a rug or anything. We got all the time in the world. We can listen to history… REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE I don’t need no five-point-one. I’ve only got two ears listening. Just balance my left to right. Put on a record and start to sing. REPEAT CHORUS
Monarch 04:03
"Monarch" words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) Throwing caution to the wind. Pack my bags, I'm off again. I tried to look for you before, And lost your trace along the shore. PRE-CHORUS LOVE IS A MYSTERY. YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. I tried to find you at the source, But they said, "Fuck off. Use the Force." I hope this new lead gets me close, Or I may end up comatose. PRE-CHORUS CHORUS IN A DREAM I SAW YOUR FACE ACROSS THE SKIES ON TEN THOUSAND ORANGE MONARCH BUTTERFLIES. THEY WERE ON A VOYAGE TO A SACRED PLACE WAY BEYOND THE VIOLENCE OF THE HUMAN RACE. WAY BEYOND THE VIOLENCE OF THE HUMAN RACE. Throwing caution to the wind I feel you deep under my skin. PRE-CHORUS CHORUS OUTRO
Wheels 04:10
"Wheels" words by Chris Knudson and Tomas Glass music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) CHORUS I GOT WHEELS, WHEELS ROLLING TOWARD THE COUNTY LINE I GOT WHEELS, WHEELS AND MY BABY SHE’S LOOKIN’/FEELIN’ FINE Whistle blows, get out of jail. Still got grease under my nails. I push the shifter up to third. And pull away from the herd. CHORUS Streets are wet and the county dry. Moon is out like a late-night pie. Booze is flowing strong and clean. I see the lights of Palestine. CHORUS Drinks are cold and the joint is hot. Dancing girls give it all they got. I let one blow my dice for luck. She says to me, “You know I like to COOK.” CHORUS I put the Fifty-One in gear. Crank it up ‘cause I GOT NO FEAR. We drive around, and around the bend. Till the sun comes out again. REPEAT CHORUS OUTRO


The self-produced Kanude debut began in June 2007 with Chris' scratch vocals and guitar and Eric Jarvis' drums cut during sessions at Sugar Hill Studios in Houston. Staff engineer Steve Christensen, whom Chris had worked with before on the unreleased Knudson and Clarke sessions, recorded those sessions (note: Christensen later won a Grammy for his work on Steve Earles' "Townes" record). In July, Chris hired George Reiff to record bass tracks at his home studio in Austin. Producer/Guitarist Billy Harvey played lead guitar on a handful of tracks, making significant contributions to "Hangover Train" and "Wheels." In August, while Chris was in New York, he enlisted Eric "Roscoe" Ambel to play lead and rhythm guitar on 5 tracks including great lead work on "Find Your Way Home" and "Church of the Frozen Ghost."

After returning to Houston over the coming months there were sessions to fill out the album with Rick Thompson contributing B3 organ and other keys parts, Craig Feazel adding pedal steel and a lead guitar solo on "Hangover Train," and culminating in sessions at Steve Christensen's Treehouse Studio in December to complete instrument overdubs and lead and backing vocals, featuring Eric Jarvis and Elizabeth Knudson. The album was mixed in February of 2008 by Lars Goransson in Austin, mastered in March by Dave McNair in New York, and released digitally via The Orchard in June and on CD in September 2008 via Chris' own Lightstone Records. A video for "Find Your Way Home" directed and produced by Ross Wells of Zen Films in Houston was released in January 2009.

In 2011, "Wheels" was licensed as background music for the second episode of the fourth season of HBO's hit vampire series "True Blood" and a music video of the song was also produced.


released June 3, 2008

Chris Knudson: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion
Eric "That's My Song" Jarvis: drums and backing vocals
Elizabeth Knudson: backing vocals, and "I like to cook" on "Wheels"
George Reiff: bass
Eric "Roscoe" Ambel: additional electric guitar
Billy Harvey: additional electric guitar
Craig Feazel: pedal steel and additional electric guitar
Rick Thompson: B3 and Clavinet
Steve Christensen: recording engineer
Steve Finley: additional recording engineer
Tim Hatfield: additional recording engineer
Lars Goransson: mixing engineer
Dave McNair: mastering engineer
J.J. Carroll: back cover artwork
Brandon Holley: photography
Mike Frost (SLFEMP): Design and artwork

©2008 Lightstone Records / Tathata Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Kanude Austin, Texas

Kanude is the artist name for singer/songwriter Chris Knudson (who pronounces the "K" in his last name) primarily from the mid-2000s to the present, while based in Texas, California, Oregon and Virginia. File under: rock, americana, plant medicine, americronica. It has nothing to do with a small boat with paddles, but entirely something to do with an old Scandinavian English king... perhaps. ... more

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